Do you feel overwhelmed at the thought of getting your website up and running? Or even worse, re-designing your current website?

Are you clueless on what to do with your social media profiles or simply too busy to manage them yourself?


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I’m Your Marketing Lady and I understand the goal of a professional website is to generate leads that produce actual revenue for your business.


I'm located in Marietta GA, but I do website design and social media management for small to medium sized businesses in Atlanta, GA and beyond.


One of my most recent  web design and social media projects has over 3 million Youtube views and over 13,000 subscribers.  


I started the "My Apple Gadgets" website from ground zero and built a social following of over 15,000 Twitter followers, over 6,000 Facebook followers and Pinterest has been a major factor in website traffic lately with over 3,000 active followers. With stats like these, I can help you gain a presence on social media with an active an engaged community.


My 10-year track record in the marketing and advertising industry has taught me to abandon cookie-cutter strategies to produce the results my clients and partners deserve. I’ve learned a lot from my time in corporate America, but my biggest lesson was discovering the need to get to know individual businesses and their target audiences to maximize opportunities for growth. I’ll take the personal approach to determining what unique web design and airtight social strategy is best for your business.


You need a website that operates like a lead generation machine.


When it comes to digital marketing, coming up with an attractive, eye-catching web design isn’t even half the job. That’s why I’ve paired my Graphic Design  skills with what I’ve learned from my Google AdWords and Social Media certifications, providing me with a double-edged sword to use in combat against the evil forces of weak content.


Let's Get Social!

If your web-design doesn’t keep people coming back for more, what’s the point? Whether you’re creating a website from scratch or giving your old one a makeover, I’ll build an exclusive design for your business that potential clients can’t get enough of. Together, we’ll analyze the needs of your market to go beyond creating something that’s pretty to look at, and construct something that’s actually profitable. 

Why Choose Me?


  1. You’ll gain a long-term business partner.
    Unlike “big-time” corporations, you’re much more than a number to me. I’m Your Marketing Lady, not a soul-less agency looking to get you in and out the door as quick as possible. I love what I do, so I there’s no sweat in taking the time to learn about your business and the needs of your market.
  2. I’m "YOUR" Marketing Lady.
    No need to outsource for a social media strategist, copywriter, or content developer --- I’ve got you covered. I’ll build a cutting-edge site to work as the foundation of your business and execute a plan to drive targeted traffic to your domain.  
  3. You’ll always be in the loop.
    Diamonds are forever, but websites aren’t! I offer website maintenance programs to keep your business ahead of the competition. The world of technology can be a scary place, but don’t worry. I’ll be here to hold your hand every step of the way.
  4. Quality. Quality.
    I pride myself in putting a much-needed end to the outdated tradition of cutting corners. My goal is to exceed your expectations by going above and beyond the standard web-design.
  5. The potential to GROW
    That's an added bonus. I’m a shameless tech-geek with a passion for knowing what makes things tick. I enjoy watching things flourish; especially small businesses. I’ll apply my knowledge of web design, social strategy, and SEO to take your brand to new heights.


Now if you’re ready to take your business to the next level, send me a message or call me personally for a complimentary consultation! 678-459-5772.


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