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“Let me take Social Media off your plate…leaving you more time to do what you love!”

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"Tonya was an exemplary person to work with, she is a true professional. I felt that I was regularly on the top of her list. The job she did was impeccable and could not have asked for anything better. She delivered excellence, thank you again Tonya!"

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"She delivered on all her promises...
she was very professional, courteous, punctual, and the site was built on schedule."

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"Tonya is an absolute social media " guru" her level of knowledge and expertise regarding All things internet became a priceless platform for my business."

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"Tonya's done a great job with my social media! I have been very pleased with how she has managed my accounts. The branding conveys exactly what I imagined, and the content she finds is fun and engaging! I'm already seeing more activity on my pages."

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"Tonya is great to work with-very knowledgeable and has a lot of patience."

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"Tonya's knowledge and enthusiasm was impressive. She reduced my anxiety around internet marketing."

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"I've attended two social media workshops with "Your Marketing Lady." She is very knowledgeable, entertaining and generous. She always gives plenty of time for questions and she demonstrates how specific tasks are done."

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"Tonya likes to deliver value., and does that well. Went to her two-hit presentation series, and walking away with lots of goodies. Thumbs up!"

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"The workshops are very informative. Tonya is great with the information she provides."

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Social Profile Setup

A strong social media presence starts with the perfect profile. It takes an expert to build a profile that attracts a target market and stands out amidst all the “noise” on social media.

Consider a few statistics:

95% of internet users ages 18-34 follow a brand on social media (Dreamgrow).

 With numbers like this, you can’t afford not to use social media marketing.

 46% of millennials rely on information found through social media when buying something online (Sprout Social).


Your social media marketing will help people make purchasing decisions, so it’s vital that you use it to market your products and services.

77% of business-to-consumer companies have acquired customers from Facebook. 43% of business-to-business companies have (Hubspot).

Facebook will bring customers to your business, but so will Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and other sites.

I’ll make sure your profile is up to par by creating an "eye-catching" profile banner and optimizing your profile for the search engines so you can grow your business.


Content Management

I'll share relevant content with your audience on the various Social Networks and post it for you on a daily schedule. You will also receive 7 days of content/status updates.


Audience Engagement

Almost one-third of traffic to websites comes from social media referrals (Search Engine Journal). Leave it to me to do extensive research to find out what will move your target audience to take action.

I’ll analyze your industry, evaluate your competition, and find out what will catch peoples’ attention so they’ll click through to your site.


Social Media Activity Monitoring

Social media is most effective when it is used for two-way conversations. I’ll respond to comments and messages and accept friend requests to build that valuable relationship of trust you need with your market.

Blog Creation and Management

Blogging, especially when used with social media, is a cost effective way to market your business.

Companies that blog:

  • see 67% more business-to-business marketing leads than those that don’t (Hubspot).
  • acquire 97% more links to their website, improving SEO and brand awareness (Hubspot).
  • have 55% more site visitors (Adobe).
  • make more sales – 61% of consumers have decided to buy something based on a blog post (Social Media Today).

In short, businesses that blog see more growth.

I provide businesses with weekly or monthly blog posts that are consistently high quality, so you’ll benefit from all of these perks.

My content is full of things like industry research, helpful tips, before and after photos, video tutorials, how-to guides, and success stories. These kinds of posts provide high value to your customers, enhancing your overall marketing efforts.

I’ll share all your posts through social media to build your online authority, engage with your market, and drive traffic to your website. As readers share the content that resonates with them, they will create a domino effect that has the potential to bring even more traffic and sales leads.

I’ll develop a loyal community of people who love your business, bringing invaluable benefits like committed customers, more online awareness, and a strong reputation.

Regular, high-quality blogging will also help you build trust and credibility, grow your email subscriber list and earn more brand exposure.

It’s easy to get started with a blogging strategy that is in alignment with your social media strategy and brings a significant ROI to your business.


No Contract

My number-one goal is to help you make more sales every month, so I won’t ask you to sign a contract. Instead, I’ll focus on bringing your social media marketing to the next level.

Use Of Hashtags

I’ll do research to determine which hashtags to use to tap into your target market. The right hashtags will help you grow a larger following, drive traffic to your website, boost engagement, and build a bigger online presence.

Analytics Reporting

The only way to know what’s working and what isn’t is to analyze social media analytics. I’ll look at data, including follower counts, posts, website visits, and more, to make sure each of your social media profiles is being used to its fullest potential.


Follower Acquisition

I'll put together a plan for your business to acquire new targeted followers who have already expressed interest in the services that you provide!


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